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Reaching a unique audience
Great opportunities for networking
Free admission to the whole conference
Invitation for the VIP Evening prior to the event
2-days accommodation in one of Wroclaw's top hotels
Information about the Speaker on the event's website + app

How to Join Us on Stage?


Step 1

Check out our thematic tracks and suggested speech topics. You can use one of them or propose your own topic corresponding to the scope of the conference.

You may choose how you will share your knowledge with us: by a lecture, participation in the discussion panel, fireside chat or workshop.

Step 2

Spotlight trends and innovative approaches, practical knowledge and latest case studies.

Please note that we do not accept sales or marketing presentations.

To ensure a high level of content, each speaker must pass a vetting process.

Step 3

Use the form below and send your application by June 30th.

If we think there could be a good fit, a member of our team will be in touch with after July 15th and inform you of the next steps.

We keep our fingers crossed and hope to see you on stage!

Call for speakers terms

  1. Each lecture / session should last about 30 minutes and each workshop should be around 45 minutes.

  2. Speakers and workshop leaders may be invited to participate in a panel discussion or fireside chat.

  3. Topics proposed by the organizer may be subject to minor modifications following further collaboration with the respective individual speakers.

  4. All presentations and speakers are selected and verified by the organizer.

  5. The organizer does not accept sales, marketing and/or promo presentations.

  6. Lectures / sessions may be conducted in English or Polish - the organizer provides simultaneous translation.

  7. Workshops will be conducted in Polish or English and will not be translated.

Types of speeches


Take center stage and host a dedicated lecture on a key Commerce Transformation Days topic.

Panel Discussions

Take part in a panel of selected experts to discuss key trends, compare views and answer audience questions.


Lead a small team through a dedicated workshop to bring knowledge, solve problems, and brainstorm innovative solutions.

Fireside Chats

Take part in an informal interview to further share your knowledge and answer today's most burning questions.